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Residence permit in Europe

21 МАРТA 2017  ·  ORDO Capital
Residential permit is important document both for the country that issues it, and for the people who receives it. By issuing residential permit country can attracts more foreign investors. One more reason for foreigners to obtain residence permit in Europe to transfer their business to a more stable economic zone and move around the European Union without visas.

By analyzing criteria for obtaining residence permit, Western Europe require more investment than other Europe parts. In France and Germany, the minimum investment in business is from 1 to 10 million euros. 

Regarding Northern Europe and in particular about the Baltic countries, the most extensive opportunities are in Latvia, where foreign citizen can invest not only in business, but also in the purchase of real estate and government bonds. 

Southern Europe, on the contrary, offers foreigners to invest mostly in the purchase of real estate, with a minimum investment of about 300 000 euros. Also, significant point, is that in Malta you can get a residence permit by renting an apartment, and in Cyprus, citizenship can be purchased.

In Eastern Europe, obtaining a residence permit is not so popular and therefore there are not wide range of offers. 

Source: ec.europa.eu; immigration-residency.eu

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