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The cheapest European Capitals

03 МАРТA 2017  ·  ORDO Capital
Real Estate in European capitals is considered to be the best value adding purchase. Real estate is the sort of investment that is always in demand. Investors who purchase property in Europe expect good returns on their investments. Here you can see the list of 5 European capitals, where currently is the right time to buy property.

In Athens, Greece the average price for apartments fell by half since 2008 according to the Bank of Greece. In the beginning of 2016, price deterioration has slowed, which shows that now is the right moment to acquire real estate in Athens for future investment.

In Riga, Latvia prices for newly renovated flats are not the cheapest ones, because of significant demand from the foreign investors. Although, due to several political factors, the situation has changed, and market of Soviet-era buildings stole the spotlight.

In Bulgaria, most demanded property used to be holiday houses in resort areas, while apartments in the capital city, Sofia, were not so popular, so the prices for them were not increasing dramatically. Currently, in 2017, as the apartment sales picked up in Sofia the prices rose accordingly.

In Berlin, Germany local real estate is considered to be one of the most undervalued among European capitals. Continuous improvement of the infrastructure, construction activity, as well as increase in economic activity and IT sector development were the drivers of the rental housing market and created optimal conditions for further growth of property prices. This makes investing in the local property profitable both in the short and in the long term.

In Czech Republic, real estate market is booming. And in many respects this is due to high activity in the capital city, Prague, were foreign demand is very high, making the local real estate attractive for long-term investments.

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