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Prime Global Rental Index

20 februārī 2017  ·  ordo capital
Knight Frank made a research on Prime Global Rental Index, which is a very unique and important resource for investors and developers looking to monitor and compare the performance of prime luxury residential rents across key global cities.

Global economic and political uncertainty has contributed to a slowdown in prime global rents. 10 cities out of 17 has positive annual rental growth, however, the rate of growth has slowed. Toronto leads the ranking, with prime rent rising by 7,9%. Due to annual population growth of 9% in 2015 and low unemployment rate, demand for rental properties increased.  Rising homeownership costs and a narrowing vacancy rate have pushed prime rents higher.

Oversupply of prime rental properties and lower demand from corporate clients due to a prolonged period of low oil prices has led to prime rents in Nairobi falling by 10.8%.

North America continued to be the strongest-performing world region with average annual prime rental growth of 5.1%. Africa registered the weakest performance with prime rents falling 3.7% on average in the year to September 2016.

In Europe, Londons prime rental market continues to absorb higher stock levels; this has put downwards pressure on prime rents which fell by 4.7% in the 12 months to September 2016.

Prime Global Rental Index Growth

1. Toronto - 7,9%

2. Tokyo - 7,3%

3. Cape Town - 3,3%

4. Moscow - 3,2%

5. Tel-Aviv - 2,7%

6. New York - 2,4%

7. Beijing- 2,1%

8. Guangzhou - 2,1%

9. Zurich - 1,6%

10. Shanghai - 1,4%



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