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  • 14 September 2015  ·  ORDO Agency
    Exclusive “Park Apartments” Multi-Apartment Building in Dzintari Commissioned for Use
    At Dzintaru Prospect 26, Jūrmala, the “Park Apartments” apartment building available for short- and long-term lease has been commissioned for use, located in “Park Residences” complex of exclusive apartments.
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  • 08 August 2015  ·  ORDO Agency
    "BK Valmiera" starts the new season with a new name "Valmiera/ORDO"
    In the new season the team of "Valmiera basketball club" will perform under a new name - "Valmiera/ORDO". Cooperation with "ORDO GROUP" goes back to "Bronze season" of 2012- 2013. And from season to season such cooperation has become closer, so with a new level the name of the team has been changed and visuals signs updated.
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  • 30 July 2015  ·  ORDO Agency
    On July 24-25, Riga hosted International World Jazz Festival supported by ORDO Group
    The press conference was attended by the organizers of World Jazz Festival Igor Butman and Arkady Ukupnik, General Producer of the festival Natalia Ukupnik, as well as Ivars Rudzitis, Board Member of ORDO Group.
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  • 21 July 2015  ·  ORDO Agency
    Sundial by "ORDO Group" - a new sightseeing in Jurmala
    In Dzintari, in the very centre of Jurmala, in the territory of the residential complex "Sun Terraces" there has been installed a sundial of unique design. A bright, shining in the sunlight metal gnomon (an hour indicator) makes the sundial easily visible from the surrounding streets.
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  • 16 June 2015  ·  ORDO Agency
    Ordo Group celebrates the five-year anniversary of its brand
    It was five years ago that the accomplished entrepreneur Ivars Rudzitis united his real estate development company, property sales and management agencies under the brand Ordo. The brand has become a synonym for quality and has an excellent reputation. “Ordo” means “order” in Latin, and its resolute stance on the organization and the quality of work is one of Ordo’s most characteristic traits. The anniversary is being marked with an evaluation of what the company has achieved over the last five years, as well as preparations for the announcement of ambitious plans for the future.
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