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ORDO Realty Moscow launches the sale of apartments in the Marina Ayia-Napa project

13 February 2017  ·  ORDO Realty Moscow
Marina AYIA-Napa - multifunctional premium residential complex with a yacht marina, located on the waterfront near the city of Ayia-Napa. The project brings together luxury homes, private beaches and world-class marinas, picturesque waterfront, restaurants and shops.

The complex will be located on an area of 28 hectares and will include two towers more than 100 m high. In total, there will be 190 apartments with panoramic windows and views of the Mediterranean Sea. Marina can accommodate a yacht up to 60 m long, it has 380 fully equipped wet docks with modern berthing facilities, as well as 220 boats in a dry storage area for boats up to 10 m.


Marina Ayia-Napa project is a great finding for boaters, residents and guests. It is located on one of the most beautiful coastlines in Cyprus. In addition to the 190 rooms and 29 premium villas, the project also includes a commercial area, which includes modern cafes and restaurants, shops and boutiques of luxury brands, as well as bars and nightclubs,- said CEO of ORDO Realty Moscow Daniels Petrovs.


According to ORDO Realty Moscow data, the price in project start at 605 thousand Euro. By the end of construction (in 2021) price could increase from 36% to 45%. Experts remind that Marina Ayia-Napa homebuyers can participate in programs receiving European citizenship with the input threshold of 2 million Euro.


As ORDO Realty Moscow told "Interfax", today there is a growing interest in overseas property among Russian buyers for investment and European citizenship purpose.


The revival of consumer demand increased due to the return of customers that have observed the situation and waiting for the strengthening of the ruble against the dollar and euro. It is also a favourable factor is the reduction of the input threshold to participate in the citizenship program, up to 2 million euros, which allows investors and their families to become full citizens of EU. Compared with other EU countries, along with a comfortable climate, Cyprus also offers a favourable environment for business and a clear vision of the tax system, which certainly makes it one of the leading countries in the competition", - commented D.Petrovs.

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