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ORDO GROUP managing partner participated in the event organized in honor of the visit of the Ambassador of Kazakhstan

30 January 2017  ·  ORDO Capital
ORDO GROUP managing partner Jelena Rudzite participates in the event organized in honor of the visit of Ambassador of Kazakhstan in Latvia Baurzhan Muhamedzhanov organized by the Riga City Council. During the meeting was discussed the partnership between Kazakhstan capital Astana and Riga

Astana has already evaluated Riga as a progressive business partner, which greatly improves communication and economic cooperation between the two states. The main topic of the meeting was the introduction of a visa-free regime and the provision of direct flights between the two countries. During the discussion, it was noted that it is important to facilitate trade and to attract tourists.

Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Latvia, which is representative in the other Baltic States, acknowledged that Lithuania is more active in business. Chairmen of the Riga City Council Development Committee Maksim Tolstoy said, that Latvia in Kazakhstan has only 53 offices, meanwhile, Lithuania – has 200. He also stressed that such meetings promote cooperation and improve relations between the two countries.

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