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"ORDO Group" Renews ISO 9001:2009 Certificate

18 April 2016  ·  ORDO Agency
"ORDO Group" conformity to the highest international requirements for quality management systems has been certified again. ISO 9001:2009 certificate issued by Bureau Veritas pertains to real estate transactions, consultations about real estate and matters related to obtention of residence permits.

"ORDO Group" received its first ISO certificate in February 2013. The document is valid for the term of three years and serves as a proof of quality of the management system and process management.  Each year the company undergoes a strict audit to ensure its conformity to the standards.

The company develops its own set of rules regulating the management system and process management. The standard developed by the company establishes key principles underlying the company's internal and external policies, the internal rules, communication principles with customers, the procedure to be followed at each stage of performing transactions or obtaining residence permits. The certificate is a proof of an ordered internal structure and way of operation and consequently a guarantee of stability and unrelentingly high quality of products and services offered to customers.

The certificate shows that the core values of "ORDO Group" include professionalism, honesty, openness, trustworthiness in a partnership, high quality of services, friendliness and constant improvement of the quality management system.

"ORDO Group" Chairman of the Board Ivars Rudzitis (Ivars Rudzītis):

- Ensuring high quality of services offered by the company along with constant development and exploration of new fields of operation is an essential and necessary condition for our work. We are proud we have been able to uphold the high standards adopted by our company.



 Detailed information on the series of international ISO standards is available on the official web site of the organisation

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