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Sundial by "ORDO Group" - a new sightseeing in Jurmala

21 July 2015  ·  ORDO Agency
In Dzintari, in the very centre of Jurmala, in the territory of the residential complex "Sun Terraces" there has been installed a sundial of unique design. A bright, shining in the sunlight metal gnomon (an hour indicator) makes the sundial easily visible from the surrounding streets.

The size of the horizontal sundial is greater than 2 meters in diameter. The clock has two dials, one shows the actual local time, the other - the official summer time in the Latvian time zone. The largest granite slab features the directions of the cardinal points and the famous Latin phrase "Tempus fugit volat hora" ("Time flies, the hour flees"), which reflects the value of time, importance and relevance of each hour spent in the complex "Sun Terraces".


The north direction of the granite disc is decorated with the logo of the project developer of the residential complex "Sun Terraces"- company "ORDO Group".


The gnomon of the sundial gnomon is made of stainless steel, it includes a cut logotype of the complex "Sun Terraces", as well as engraved geographic coordinates and the name of the installation location. The metal ring surrounding the granite slabs of the dial, features the directions and distances to 15 different locations of the world, starting with the capital of Latvia – Riga, and as far as a remote elite resort in Bora Bora, including St. Petersburg, London, New York, Rio de Janeiro and even Zanzibar Island. The calculations of distances and directions have been made along the shortest route by air.


The creator and developer of the concept is Martins Gills, a member of the British Sundial Society, collector and remarkable sundial research expert in Latvia. The object is realized by "ORDO Group" order.


As Martins Gills tells, there were offered 6 different designs of the dials, each of them was original in its own way. But exactly this one was chosen because the composition of steps used in the design harmonized the most with the residential complex "Sun Terraces" architectural solutions.


The sundial is located in the complex "Sun Terraces", it was built in accordance with classical principles, using modern design elements and is an original component of the place, where the sun and the time are treated with respect.

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